Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout

Review Date 2/19/2023  By John Staradumsky


Oh! Hereís something fun! Apparently I never reviewed any of the DuClaw Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout I bought at Total Wine in Greenville, South Carolina in April of 2016. I was on a business trip to Charlotte, you see, so of course I stopped and bought beer. Who wouldnít? I distinctly recall buying this DuClaw beer and sharing bottles with friends, and though I didnít pen a full review, I did take tasting notes. Thank goodness for tasting notes.

Thing is, DuClaw does not make this beer anymore. Well, they kind of do, under their Pastryarchy Series. I picked up a can of that not long ago which is what made me think back to the original beer, and realize I never posted a review here at I am fixing that now, as you can clearly see.

From the label:

Itís easy to get hooked by this black, medium-bodied Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Stout. The roasty fruity aroma lures you in, while a swirl of chocolate, raspberry, and roasted malt flavors hooks your palate. Open up and Ödrink naked!

So, the first time I tried this beer back in 2016 and didnít review it, I took these notes:

DuClaw Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout pours to a dark black (but not fully opaque) color with a subtle fruit and chocolate nose and a light to medium head formation. Taking a sip, the beer is smooth and creamy with hints of dark chocolate and bright raspberry fruit. Balanced finish, tasty easy drinking beer.

Then, though, more fun happened in 2019!

Went digging in the GDBR earlier today waiting for my game tonight. Found a few interesting things, including this. I have had a few older beers that were drain pours, but this one was WAY in the back where the ice cold air flows through the refrigerator compartment (more on that later). This was bottled 12/29/15 and it is immaculate. It's a little thin in body (a 4.6% beer) but the chocolate and raspberry really pop against each other with no signs of aging. Like a raspberry truffle of a beer if you will. I donít think it has improved with age, which is really why you would want to age a beer. On the other hand, it's interesting to taste this delicious beauty that the brewery no longer makes.

DuClaw Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout had an alcohol content of 4.6% by volume. I have no idea what I paid for it. More to come soon on the Pastryarchy edition of this beerÖ.

Glad I tried it?  T

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