Bone Head Red India Pale Ale

Review Date 5/11/2020  By John Staradumsky

Boy, was I a bonehead. Digging through my garage beer fridge, I found a bottle of Fat Head’s Bone Head Red India Pale Ale buried in the back. It has no freshness dating, so I don’t know how old it is, but I’m thinking it’s about 3 years. All that time, and I missed out on drinking it. Though they call it a Red IPA, it is really an imperial red IPA, so I was hopeful it would still be enjoyable. I needed to do a little research before I went any further.

From the label:

We can boldly say that this hoppy red is unlike any other you’ve tried. Hopped-up to the max, deep ruby in color, with a smooth as silk mouthfeel and an almost pungent piney aroma. Malts bone-up their magic with a hearty, biscuity, almost rustic touch of flavor and a slightly bitter fruitiness. A creamy head always tops it off. Bonefide with a gold medal at the GABF.

Sounded tasty! Fat Head’s Bone Head Red India Pale Ale has an alcohol content of 9.4% by volume; that should help it stand the test of time, I reckoned.

Fat Head’s Bone Head Red India Pale Ale pours to a deep brilliant amber red color with a thick creamy head and a nose boasting red berries and stewed malts. Taking a sip, the beer offers thick nutty fresh grainy malts, a hint of chocolate, stewed malts, red berries, and a dry grassy bitter hop finish. That finish is a little boozy, too.

I need not have feared, my bottle of Fat Head’s Bone Head Red India Pale Ale stood the test of time just fine. Maybe I wasn’t such a bonehead after all….

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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