Guinness Draught (Pub Draught Guinness)

Review Date 4/22/2015 By John Staradumsky


My goodness. My Guinness. Now thereís a classic tag line that never grows old, and itís been helping Guinness sell their wonderful stout for ages. But which Guinness Stout will you be having today? Now thatís the important question, because Guinness actually does a number of wonderful stouts my friends.

Tonight Iím drinking a beautiful mug of Guinness Draught (aka Pub Draught Guinness), and weíll get into that shortly. Guinness has been brewed in one form or another since 1759. Itís hard to argue with that sort of longevity, and Guinness really is the mother of all stouts.

Over the years, Iíve drunk my fair share of draft Guinness in bars up and down the coast. I can remember a number of memorable pints on St. Patrickís Day one year at Summitís Wayside Tavern in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The $1.88 corned beef and cabbage helped draw us in, but the pints of Guinness and other assorted beers sent our tab up to $100 that night. We felt a little better after the 4 folks next to us got their tab for $400. All those Irish Car Bombs I guess.

But what if I want to drink Guinness at home? Certainly, you can tap a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout if you like, but if you want that creamy, nitrogen infused richness you get at the pub (but at home), I have good news for you. Pub Draught Guinness is really a lot like draft Guinness but sold in cans. When it was launched in the 90s it was one of the first beers to use a widget in the can to release nitrogen into the liquid just before drinking.

You should serve this cold, as the low temperature will allow the nitrogen widget to work its magic more effectively. After pouring, stand back and enjoy the cascading effect as the nitrogen rises through the liquid and forms the creamy head.

Guinness Draught is sold in 4-packs of 14.9 ounce cans for about $6.99 in my area. Iíve seen it in bottles as well. I got a few cans recently in the Guinness ďAmazing AlesĒ 8-pack for just $7.59-less than a dollar a can! This is in fact my favorite packaged Guinness because it is brewed in Dublin, Ireland at the St, James Gate brewery, and not contract brewed. Itís the classic Irish dry stout and with just 4.2% alcohol by volume its quite sessionable indeed.

Guinness Draught pours to a jet black color with a thick creamy tan head from the nitropour. Taking a sip, the beer has an amazing smooth creaminess in the can from the nitro, just like on draft in a pub. The beer is chocolaty with hints of raisin and roastiness in the finish hinting lightly at licorice. A signature sourness makes the beer dry and delicious.

When you want an Irish Dry Stout, it really does not get any better than this, folks. After sampling nigh on 5,000 different beers over the years, I can still say without hesitation that Guinness is one of my favorites. And Guinness Draught is one of the best ways to enjoy it.

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