Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown Ale

Review Date 11/21/2016  By John Staradumsky

What the hell is a Chomolungma? I’m sure I don’t know. What do we do when we come
across something we don’t know about? Why we head toWikipedia, of course, which tells me that Chomolungma is the Chinese name for Mount Everest. See that? You learn something new every day (in my case I need to learn two new things a day to make up for the one thing a day I forget), and today I learned something new because of…beer.

That’s because this all started with me popping open a can of Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown Ale from the Jackie O’s brewery of Athens, Ohio. They describe this as a brown ale brewed with wildflower honey, and say this about it on their website:

This brown ale was brewed to commemorate the 2007 Lungevity Everest Expedition. The people of Tibet call Mt. Everest “Chomolungma,” and this exceptional ale carries on the spirit of the climb. Seven Malts, three hops, and 100 pounds of local wild flower honey give this ale an exceptional character. Baked muffins, dark fruit, bittersweet chocolate, rich honey and earthy subtle hops caress the palate.

Jackie O’s Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown Ale has an alcohol content of 6.5% by volume. My can was packaged on 10-23-15 and I drank it on October 20th 2016, almost a year later. It was glorious!

Jackie O’s Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown Ale pours to a dark brownish color with a thick creamy head and a sweet cookie malt nose. Taking a sip, the beer is smooth and creamy on the palate, quite chocolatey brownie-like, complete with walnuts. I get a soft sweetness and richness in the palate, and a hint of roast especially in the finish with a gentle balancing herbal hop bitterness. A very delicious brown ale replete with thick, rich chocolate, and a beer not to be missed friends!

And remember, try a new beer today, and drink outside the box.

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