Satan Wears Pajamas American Red Ale

Review Date 5/8/2022 By John Staradumsky


Eternal damnation is too long not to be comfortable. At least, thatís what Paperback Brewing Company of Los Angeles, California says on the label of their Satan Wears Pajamas American Red Ale. Iíll add to that: Eternal damnation is too long to go without a beer, too. And, if youíre going to have one in hades, why not drink one as red as the flames of perdition?

Paperback Satan Wears Pajamas American Red Ale meets that standard, both in color and in style. On their website, Paperback says the beer is brewed with Ekuanot, Azacca, and Columbus hops. It has an alcohol content of 7.1% by volume with 68 IBUs. I paid $3.60 for my can from Craftshack, and that is the only pricing information that I have. My can has no freshness dating.

Paperback Satan Wears Pajamas American Red Ale pours to a deep ruby color with a thick fluffy tan head of foam and a nose of luscious stewed malts. A thick layer of Brussels Lace clings to the sides of my glass and follows the liquid all the way to the bottom. Taking a sip, the beer is immediately in your face with caramel malt. Stewed malts, light chocolate, and red berries dance on the tongue, and the beer finishes bitter with an earthy grassy lingering bitter pizazz.

A fine American red ale that I would absolutely buy again and, oh well, I have to say it, just a hell of a beer all around.

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