Troegenator Doublebock

Review Date 11/14/2016  Last Updated 8/4/2019 By John Staradumsky


Curse you Tröegs brewery of Hershey, PA! Your beer is so wonderful and yet, I can’t get it here in Georgia. I think you’re getting closer, because the Taco Mac in Charlotte, North Carolina had your beers on tap. That was over a year ago, though, and still no Tröegs in Georgia. Lucky for me good old Jeff Evans hooked me up with a six-pack or Troegenator Doublebock last year, and I’m still loathe to drink my last bottle.

I did, however, drink a bottle just the other day, and it was truly divine with a year on it. I always have success aging big, malty beers like doppelbocks, which just happens to be my favorite style of beer. Troegs version is one of my very favorite domestic examples.

From the website:

Monks had fasting figured out. No food? No problem. Just drink a Double Bock. Thick and chewy with intense notes of caramel, chocolate and dried stone fruit, ‘Nator (as we call him) serves as a tribute to this liquid bread style.

Ingredients, also from the website:

Malt: Chocolate, Munich, Pilsner

Hops: German Northern Brewer, Magnum

Yeast: Lager

Color: Bronze

Troegenator Doublebock has an alcohol content of 8.2% by volume with 25 IBUs. Total Wine sells it in Charlotte, NC for $10.99 a six-pack, a seemingly fair price for a wonderful beer like this.

Troegenator Doublebock pours to a dark caramel amber color with a medium sized head of creamy foam and a sinfully rich toasted malt nose. Taking a sip, that malt roars forth in the palate in a blaze of toasty nutty Munich malt glory. The beer is rich and full in body with hints of caramel and molasses, lightly balancing gently bitter grassy hops and a bigger warmth in the finish.

What more can Is ay but this is a fantastic example of the style, and a beer I wish I could get my hands on more frequently. After this refresher of a bottle made smoother and creamier with a pour through my Fizzics system, I can say it may well be my very favorite American doppelbock. Get yourself some, and see if you don’t agree with me.

Update 8/4/2019: Tröegs beers may not be available in Georgia, but they are sold in North Carolina. Lucky me! I found a six-pack In Murphy for $10.99, and I was all over it. One of America's best examples of this style. Not to be missed!

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